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Our laboratory is equipped with the necessary instrumentation to assess product requirements at all stages of production:

  • Incoming raw material, finished products and products from outsourced work services
  • Production processes (moulding, lubricant treatments, finishing)
  • Product release to the customer

Product inspection and certification activities are carried out by Interseals through qualified personnel working in different quality areas.

Metrological analysis

Metrological analysis for dimensional and physical-mechanical analysis:

  • 2D and 3D laser and optical dimensional inspection;
  • Friction test;
  • Specific weight;
  • Compression Set (test method ASTM D 395 / ISO815/ PV3330 / PV3307);
  • Tension Set;
  • Elongation at Break, Breaking Load and Elastic Modulus;
  • Tearing;
  • Rheometry;
  • Analytical scales;
  • Micro-IRHD automatic hardness testers and Shore A hardness testers;

We perform analyses for third parties

Chemical-physical analysis

Chemical-Physical Analysis Laboratory to check the repeatability and reproducibility of incoming raw materials and finished products, as well as to allow the characterisation of materials from both a chemical and a physical-mechanical point of view, providing fundamental support in research and development with the aid of the state-of-the-art instrumentation:

  • TGA: chemical composition, by weight, of materials; thermal stability; oxidation stability
  • TMA: vulcanisation check, Tg, Coefficient of Linear Expansion, swelling test, CREEP
  • DMA: vulcanisation check, Tg, elastic modulus, viscous modulus, resistance in fluids in dynamic application
  • DSC: differential scanning calorimetry
  • FT-IR (ATR): compound type check and material identification
  • Interferometro: checking surface uniformity, roughness, Z-axis defect measurement
  • Solvent extractor for isolation of organic substances in compounds
  • Oli bath for resistance tests in liquids
  • UMT Tribolab: used in R&D for tribology studies.
laboratorio analisi gomma

Cleanliness Laboratory

Cleanliness laboratory for product cleanliness certification stages with X- and Y-axis dimensional inspection of contaminant particles according to ISO16232, VDA19 with stereo-microscope.