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Surface treatments

We can provide expert advice regarding surface coatings: permanent or semi-permanent by means of water or PTFE-based lubricants that may be either coloured or transparent.

The repeatability and reliability of the whole coating process is guaranteed by using state-of-the-heart equipment:

  • High pressure washing machine
  • Plasma equipment
  • Spray automatic coating devices and fixing thermic ovens
  • thermal fixing systems

Quality is assured both by microscopic systems and mechanic-dynamical tests in compliance with ISO standards. The measurement of the static and dynamic friction coefficient is carried out according to the following standards:

  • ISO 8295
  • ASTM D1894
  • OEM or customer/customized specifications

The thickness of the lubricant film on the surface, both coloured and transparent, may be measured by means of thermos-mechanical analysis (TMA).